A Herald of A Brighter Future

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A Herald of a Brighter Future

KARACHI– March 26, 2019: Millions of Pakistani children do not attend school, and those that do must deal with absent teachers and poor learning environments, among other things. What makes Pakistan’s education crisis particularly troubling is that it exacerbates many of the country’s other problems. Keeping this in mind there are numerous individuals and organizations that work tirelessly to promote and encourage education for the masses through CSR programs, scholarships and community development initiatives.  On the bright side we see organizations like Easypaisa and EFU awarding education scholarships to deserving families.

The recent recipient of the Easypaisa Kamyab Mustakbil scholarship, Fakhar-Uz-Zaman, a dweller of the mountainous northern region of Pakistan works in Islamabad to provide for his family of six, he has big dreams for his children. Like any father, he wants his children to achieve what he couldn’t: a good education leading to a decent and respectable livelihood. But, even working hard at hundreds of miles away from his beloved family couldn’t bring enough money to guarantee quality education for his children. 

“I couldn’t get a good education myself and always wanted the best education for my children, like any father would,” Fakhar candidly shared. “Since I became a father 12 years ago, the thought of what would become of my kids when I’m not around has worried me. That very thought brought me down from the hills of my home to Islamabad in search of a better source of income. Here, I earn money that can provide for my family and meet their basic necessities, but access to quality education was still impossible with such limited means.”

The father of 5 young children – 3 girls and 2 boys – says that it was with his family’s brighter future in mind that he subscribed to Easypaisa Kamyab Mustakbil insurance, unknowingly entering the lucky draw for a PKR 500,000 education scholarship. As it unfolded, Fakhar was randomly selected for the Kamyab Mustakbil’s scholarship reward. “I had never thought that a miracle like this could ever happen and my dream of educating my children could become a reality”, he shared.  Fakhar was handed the PKR 500,000 cheque at a ceremony in Islamabad and he couldn’t thank Telenor Microfinance Bank enough for the miracle prize. “I would recommend everyone to subscribe to Kamyab Mustakbil, not because of the scholarship reward, but for the benefits the insurance plan offers to people with limited means like us,” he said.

Easypaisa Kamyab Mustakbil is the industry’s first Term Takaful in collaboration with EFU Life assurance, offering Shariah based term life insurance, minimal annual premium, and other benefits. As part of its mission to empower the Pakistani society by promoting financial inclusion and providing the underserved masses with an easy access to personal and family wellbeing solutions, Telenor Microfinance Bank has been partnering with major insurance companies of Pakistan to introduce customized insurance plans for different segments of the country’s marginalized population.

In conclusion it is important to highlight that education is a social process that enables human beings to develop their quality of life, lead a peaceful social life. It makes the individual to contribute to national development in accordance with contextual changes of the nation. As such, the goals of education emphasize balanced and harmonious development of the individual in respect of wisdom, spiritual development, physical as well as social development. This requires that the contents and methods of education must be developed to serve the basic learning needs of the students and empower them to accept the challenges of life.

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